Copywriting background and experience

I’m not a person who enjoys talking about me. But I guess as you’ve clicked here, you’re interested. So here goes.

The in-house years

I worked as an in-house copywriter in the payment industry for more than 10 years. My readers were typically business professionals in more than 30 countries. I wrote for end customers too.

I can genuinely say that I’ve been there, done that and written it. Customer newsletters. Brochures. Best practice guides. Web content. And much more.

I’m used to writing for busy people and non-native English speakers. So I’m a ruthless pruner of waffle, jargon and anything that gets in the way of understanding. I deliver quality work, that’s on budget, on time and that meets the brief.

Copywriters are licensed debunkers. I challenge, probe and get to the heart of the matter, and enjoy collaborating to do this. Some of my best work has been ‘co-created’ with specialists who know their stuff. With lawyers and other sticklers who improve accuracy. And with designers who think visually.


More about my past

I’m a graduate in English and German, who started her working life writing direct mail promotions for a publisher of subscription-only magazines. A six-week temping job with an international card payment scheme turned into a varied 15-year career.

I worked at a company with a big brand but a small staff. So I was often a Joyrene-of-all-work, writing everything that didn’t move, plus web and video content which did. I also developed products, managed external agencies, budgets, projects and websites, and baked a lot of cake for charity.