Benefit from a specialist copywriter

Whether you work in a small business or large company, you could benefit from a specialist copywriter. If anything on this page sounds all too familiar, contact me. I’d love to hear from you.


I am NOT a hat stand!

If you work in a small business, you have to wear many hats. There’s the finance hat, the marketing hat, the IT hat, the legal hat, the admin hat and a few more besides. Juggling these hats (or competing priorities) can be tricky.

 One, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to get things done. Two, not all the hats fit. After all it’d be unusual to find an accountant, salesperson extraordinaire, tech guru, legal eagle and born organiser in one place at once. Much less in one person.

 It’s vital that people know about your products and services. It’s just that marketing and communication may not be a strength. It may not be the focus of your business. So you’d value some outside guidance, plus someone on hand to get things done. I may be just that someone.

The struggle through treacle?

If you work in a large company, you’ll recognise these familiar time-eaters. Conference calls. E-mails. Last-minute requests. Other people’s deadlines. And this isn’t the end. Nor is it your real work. It’s just the means. It’s the stuff you need to do to get your real work done.

When your diary’s full most days, you’ve little time or headspace to start writing your own communications. That’s even before you deal with designers, marketing and production folk. Suddenly your great idea to do proactive communications becomes a struggle through treacle.

You then face one or more of the following: it takes too long to get done, it prevents you from getting other things done, it doesn’t get done at all, it’s done badly. You’d welcome a reliable, experienced someone to outsource to. I may be just that someone.



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