Getting the most out of our relationship

Our working relationship would be based around a few things: a clear brief, a focus on the reader and good, old-fashioned customer service.


In the beginning there was the brief

Why do you want to communicate, to whom and how?

I can help you tease out the answers to these questions and others. We’ll record the key facts about your project in the brief. This will act as our starting point.

I’ll make sure that the brief connects with your strategy and objectives. I’ll also look at the scope, the time and resource required for success. Expect me to challenge the brief and act as your critical friend throughout the process.

Think reader

Good business communication is about the reader. A lot of people may think it’s about the product or about themselves. But really, it’s always about the reader.

I’ll be the invisible facilitator helping you to put across whatever you’re passionate about to your reader. This may be your products, your services or your new report. I’ll bring what you have to say to life, substantiate it and earn your reader’s trust. I’ll make sure that the writing is packed full of benefits, not just features. And help it sound natural, human and professional.


The happy ending

Sadly modern-day customer service is not about customers. Or about service. It’s more about automated switchboards, group mailboxes and stock responses. This seldom ends happily.

I run my business with an ‘old-fashioned’ customer service approach. I answer my own telephone and e-mails. I handle your request personally, not according to a script. You are the customer and I take pride in providing the best possible service to you.

If you think we’d work well together, please contact me.